5 Best Ways To Naturally Whiten Your Teeth 2016

1. Coconut Oil Other than changing your skin into smooth and sparkling guides of youth and magnificence, coconut oil evidently can decrease terrible breath and brighten your teeth too. The act of coconut oil pulling includes washing a spoonful of coconut oil every day for between 5-15 minutes, which obviously bit by bit brightens teeth …

When Do You Need an Orthodontist?

It is not easy to determine when you may actually need an orthodontist. There are now numerous options available when it comes to oral health.
The following may help in making sure that an Orthodontist is the right specialist for your personal oral care.

Common Oral Symptoms That May Require Orthodontist Care:
  • Crooked Teeth
  • Gaps Between Teeth
  • Overlapping Teeth
  • Considerable Over-bite
  • Considerable Under-bite
  • Off-center Jaw Alignment

Simple Way To Cure Your Toothache Without Having To Pay A Dentist.

A toothache is very common and can be bothering you for a number of reasons including tooth decay, abscessed tooth, fractured tooth, damaged fillings, repetitive motions, gum chewing, or infected gums. It is painful, and may feel very uncomfortable. Most will go and see a specialist, which is recommended but there are cheap and affordable alternatives to cure your toothache without having to pay a specialist which could end up being costly.

Have A Toothache? Try our recommended alternative below:

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3 Steps to Choosing a Great Orthodontist

  • Step 1: Dentist Referral

    This may be your best option when selecting your Orthodontist. Dentists and Orthodontists work closely together when it comes to daily procedures. Your dentist will be able to pass valuable info, photographs, and x-rays to your orthodontist for further inspection.
  • Step 2: Do Your Research

    Due to technological advancement there is an abundance of information available right at our fingertips. If questions need answering in regards to your prescribed orthodontist, a quick Google search is sure to turn up valuable information which will help you in making your final choice.
  • Step 3: Ask/Get Opinions

    If you’re still having difficulty, just ask around. Opinions from relatives or good neighbors is sure to turn up results. If already committed to your own orthodontist; you should still ask questions. A good doctor is also a good teacher and should be able to address concerns you may have in a proper and assuring manor.

Suffering From Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome? (TMJ)

Those with TMJ disorders can experience severe pain in their jaw joints; this can be caused by a few things; common causes are jaw injury, or possibly arthritis though it is not easy to determine. People with TMJ also have a common bad habit of grinding their teeth due to the discomfort.

At My Illinois Ortho we recommend a natural cure that will ease and treat your pain without drugs or medication. For individuals or family members that are interested we highly recommend this treatment as it has helped many who suffer from TMJ disorder.

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Braces Treatments With Your Orthodontist

We all remember when kids and adults alike would dread the day they had to get braces. The commitment alone, on average was about 3-5 years (this is including the down-time with retainers).

Now with medically enhanced procedures and tools, getting braces is much less of a scary thought. We all want beautiful pearly whites that aren’t crooked so there is still a bit of a commitment depending on your personal situation. Nonetheless, an orthodontist would state the common fact that most braces now are only kept for the average duration of just 2 years.

The stress, tightness, and possibility of needing headgear is a thing of the past. With literal space age technology developed by NASA in brace wiring, and new methods of treatment; Orthodontists and other oral professionals are now able to perform procedures that require less return visits and faster recovery in general. It’s a win-win situation.

Adult Braces

Teeth Whitening Products:

Teeth looking a bit dull, or even yellow? There are many products being advertised that claim to whiten your teeth. Many of these products have chemicals, and other bad side-effects.
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Common Procedures Performed By Orthodontists:

  • Cephalometric X-Rays – Head X-Rays that display the alignment of jaws, and teeth which essentially show if they are growing properly.
  • Panoramic X-rays – X-Rays taken by a panoramic machine which rotates around the head. This machine provides a picture to determine what stage of development the teeth are in, along with the ectopic position.
  • Orthodontic Photographs – Intra-Oral and Extra-Oral pictures which display positioning of teeth, and face.
  • Impressions – An impression is an imprint of the teeth obtained from a tray that is gently placed within the mouth.
  • Banding – Rings placed within teeth to mount braces in place.
  • Bonding – The process which involves attaching brackets inside your mouth with a gentle procedure.
  • Orthodontic Adjustments – A routine checkup to make sure your progress is moving forward with the up most care. During this checkup brackets and rings may be adjusted for comfort and proper growth.
  • De-banding – The day all brace-wearers anticipate, the day your braces are taken off they will be de-banded.


Invisalign Treatments

Invisalign is the number one alternative when it comes to braces. Why an alternative? To many, braces are just not ideal; they can be annoying, and really alter your appearance while having to wear them. Invisalign treatments fix this issue as they are in actuality “transparent braces”.

To the select few who choose the alternative it is more than likely a decision made on preference as normal braces are still a great option for adjusting your oral alignment. For patients that are eligible for Invisalign, it is widely available as many orthodontists today have proper training to apply this popular treatment option.


Invisalign VS Braces: Getting things Straight

When deciding between Braces and Invisalign it can be difficult to figure out which treatment is best for you. Usually your prescribed dentist, or orthodontist will help you in the process, but sometimes it really does come down to personal preference.


Color: Silver or extra cost for enamel.

Duration: Kept on everyday for at-least 2 years.

Cost: $1700-$5500

Maintenance: Brush the wires and brackets while brushing teeth.

Repeat Visits: See your orthodontist every 4-6 weeks.

Ongoing Treatment: Retainer needed, possibly only at night.

Color: Transparent/Invisible

Duration: 6-18 months depending on patient.

Cost: $5000 Average

Maintenance: Invisalign cleaning system, brushing, warm water.

Repeat Visits: Replace trays every 2 weeks; monthly visits.

Ongoing Treatment: Retainer needed, possibly only at night.

Comparing Invisalign and Braces Continued…

As you can see, when comparing braces and Invisalign they are basically head-to-head when it comes to the benefits of oral care. If you’re an adult, or someone younger, Invisalign may sound more appealing… You can eat, drink, and brush as normal, and not have to see the metal in your mouth whenever you look in the mirror. On the other hand you may find it difficult to remove your trays, eat, and then put them back in after every meal. In the end, as said before it really comes down to preference. An orthodontist would agree that both options will get the job done.

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